Dining out together

Ordering correctly has to be learned!

In order to put what they had learned into practice, the class EK 22 B and Ms Fangjun Xiong visited an authentic Chinese restaurant last week. After three months of language lessons, our future European correspondents ordered their dishes in Chinese and gave feedback afterwards.

This worked out really well, as they were all served the dishes they had ordered and also received a great deal of praise from the restaurant manager. If you would like to practise a bit for your next visit to a restaurant, here are some samples:

  • cooked dumplings: 水饺
  • fried beans: 干煸豆角
  • deep fried tofu with salt and pepper:  椒盐豆腐
  • roast beef with Sichuan pepper: 麻辣牛肉

Find out what other languages we offer and join us at the next lunch or dinner outing or other fun event.

We look forward to seeing you.

Your GPB College team